Did you know your dog's overall health begins in the gut? I bring you a fresh, innovative approach to canine nutrition and overall wellness by helping you customize your dog's current diet (kibble, home cooked or raw) to fit your life and your dog's needs. Each custom designed program includes not only food and supplement solutions, but also an evaluation of the whole home environment such as cleaning products and what you use in your yard. My mission is to GIVE YOU the power of knowledge to make informed decisions so you can advocate for your beloved canine companion.

Prices start at $150/hour, with four follow up hours included, however personalized pricing will be developed after your initial consultation. Ready to learn more or start your education? Contact me below scheduling your initial evaluation, please fill out the information below.
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Nikki Sagliani



What are some of our clients are saying:
"Nikki is a non-judgmental advocate for my dog’s health. I adopted my Weimaraner through rescue 5 and a half years ago. Nikki has been a partner in Woodrow’s health and nutrition from the start. Woodrow came to me as an anxious, insecure dog with mast cell disease. I enlisted Nikki’s help to prevent his high incidence of mast cell tumors. We experimented with his diet, first with high quality kibble and then to a raw diet. She recommended different supplements to boost his immune system. 5 and a half years into this journey, the frequency of Woodrow’s tumors has declined. Can I be 100% scientifically certain his diet has cured his mast cell disease? Of course not. There isn’t a great deal of research on the prevention of his disease. However, I can say that with Nikki’s nutrition advice, my dog is happier and looks younger than he ever has! Nikki will help you find what works for you and your dog, I enthusiastically recommend her services!" - Karen Babcock

"Two years ago, I adopted and 85-pound adult golden retriever, Codie. Codie is my very first dog ever. My inexperience and Codie’s lack of training did not make the best combination.

The second day I had Codie, I took him to Sloan’s Lake for a walk. I open the car door and he charges past me to chase the geese. In my panic, I take off after him, catch him, and continue our hour-long walk. The walk is more of Codie dragging me where he would like to go. When we return to the car, I had left it running. Thankfully, no one had stolen my car and Codie was safe.

My first few months with Codie continued in similar fashion. After a steak dinner, I bring the bone home for Codie. Codie swallows the entire bone; I panic fearing his intestines will puncture. After days of searching for the bone, he did pass it. My lesson: sharp bones are not an appropriate treat for my dog.

At this point in my relationship with my dog, I called Nikki to help me during my twelve-hour shifts. I contacted Nikki to walk Codie when I was away. After sharing the multiple techniques tried to get Codie to go on pleasant walks, Nikki suggested an animal behaviorist to help. With Nikki’s help and guidance, Codie now walks beside me on our strolls.

Codie became infested with fleas when I moved into my new home. Codie had never had fleas before! I used Frontline, but was concerned about the chemicals. I once again looked to Nikki for advice. She provided a few all natural suggestions to make Codie healthy enough to repel fleas. Since following these suggestions, Codie has been flea free.

Whenever Codie’s sensitive stomach acts up, Nikki is the first one I call for help. With Nikki’s experience and knowledge, Codie has received the very best care. I am sure Nikki has forgotten more than I could ever know about caring for my dog."